Located in Naples, Florida, Discovery Village At Naples is a resort-style, senior living community dedicated to ensuring that all of our residents are able to live out their golden years in dignity and style.

In order for them to do so, it is of paramount importance that they are not bogged down in debt. Moving into a senior living community is a big decision, not just personally, but also financially. Unlike living in one’s own home, residents in senior living communities have to pay for everything such as, but not limited to rent, meals, as well as housekeeping and maintenance fees.

Thankfully, at Discovery Village At Naples, we have a rent protection service which is sure to allay any fears over finances on the part of our residents.

About Our Senior Living Rent Protection Services at Discovery Village At Naples

We are deeply honored that you are considering Discovery Village At Naples as your choice of senior living community. Our team would like to offer you a three-year rent lock program. In the first three years upon you moving into our community, you rent will not increase.

Additionally, there are also zero buy-ins or long-term commitments, which removes any pressure on you and your decision-making process. By having an annual lease, it allows you to make informed decisions on whether you want to continue living with us, depending on your circumstances.

Benefits of Having Rent Protection Services in Your Retirement Community

The presence of a rent protection service brings about a wide variety of benefits to our residents. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Allowing you to plan ahead without having to worry about your financial security
  • Improved control over your personal finances, giving you more freedom to budget effectively
  • Keeping rent prices low. In doing so, your money can be better spent on affording the kind of lifestyle you desire

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Aging is an unavoidable aspect of life. While many people are often able to live independently in their golden years, the time will come when one begins to experience the negative effects of ageing. When that happens, you might require care from dedicated healthcare professionals and moving into a senior living community will ensure that your health is properly managed.

Even if the level of care you require is minimal, you might feel lonely being at home once your adult children have moved out. In this case, moving into a senior living community will also be beneficial as it will provide you with more socialization opportunities with fellow residents.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Naples for Senior Living?

At Discovery Village At Naples, we are committed to ensuring that all of our residents live out their golden years in dignity. We do so not only through our rent lock program, but also through a variety of other initiatives, such as the provision of world-class amenities, delicious and nutritious food, as well as a whole calendar of exciting activities and events which our residents can participate in, without having to worry about your finances!

To learn more about our senior living programs at Discovery Village At Naples, contact us at 239.243.0145 or schedule a tour to visit our beautiful grounds today!