Rent hikes are a major concern which is partly caused by inflation, and can be devastating to retirees who have fixed incomes. Those that are considering relocation into a retirement community often worry about this, but Discovery Village At Sugarloaf has established a rental lock policy which protects residents from rental increases for a generous timespan.

About Rent Lock

Upon becoming a member of Discovery Village At Sugarloaf, you’ll have the option of a 1 or 3 year rental freeze, and you will not be subject to buy ins or lifetime commitments. This alleviates anxiety since each resident knows they will only have to pay a set fee each month without having to deal with the rental hikes which are used in standard leases.

Benefits of Having Rent Lock in Your Senior Living Community

Retirees are especially vulnerable to rent increases since they are no longer in the workforce and therefore their incomes are limited. While most earn a monthly stipend from Social Security, their pension or investments they made when younger, this cash flow is limited, and if their rent  continues to increase it will eventually exceed it and force them to dig into their life savings, which limits the funds needed for medical treatment.

This is why those in the 65+ age group are sensitive to rent increases and will be reluctant to move into communities or apartment complexes that have them. Our team at Discovery Village At Sugarloaf recognizes this demand and has catered to it with our rent lock policy, and we’ve consolidated all our services into one monthly fee that will make your stay simple and hassle free. It covers everything from medication scheduling to housekeeping, transportation, maintenance, meals, and more.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Our community is ideal for retirees who currently live alone and who’ve decided to sell their current property because they have more space than they need and their children and grandchildren have separate properties of their own. The proceeds from the property sale combined with income from a pension, Social Security, or other investments should be more than enough to cover your living expenses in our community for the duration of your life. Our community is also recommended for those who have mobility challenges or who suffer from conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Sugarloaf?

Retirees from all over the state of Georgia choose to spend their golden years with us because they recognize that we offer the highest quality service. From concierges to personal assistance, housekeeping, maintenance, physical therapy and gourmet meals, those that become members of our community will enjoy their retirement in comfort and tranquility. Best of all, we encourage each member to physically and mentally challenge themselves so they can maintain their vitality for as long as possible. Other retirement communities may try to imitate us, but they will never duplicate the lifestyle and amenities we offer.

To find out more about our exclusive senior living programs at Discovery Village At Sugarloaf, contact us or schedule a tour to visit our beautiful grounds today!