When it becomes challenging for retirees to move independently between their bed, chair, couch and other furniture, transfer assistance is used to help them move from one place to another in the safest manner possible.

About Our Transfer Assistance Services

Our team in Discovery Village At Sugarloaf is trained in the usage of multiple transfer assistance techniques.  This includes the usage of tools such as standup and vertical patient lifts. Some patients are moved on a daily basis and due to its physical demand our procedures are designed to transport residents without causing overexertion to the residents or caretakers.

Benefits of Having Transfer Assistance in Your Senior Living Community

Our transfer assistance is diverse and can be tailored to the needs of different residents, including their mobility level, capacity to bear weight and their upper torso strength. For instance, stand up style lifts are made for residents who have a degree of mobility but still need help going from one seat to another.

To use the standup device properly, the patient has to be capable of sitting forward in a chair or bed without support while the caregiver positions the sling. During the transfer the patient must have sufficient upper body strength so they can hold its grip handles, and then bear weight while both their feet remain flat on the device foot plate during transfer.

Vertical lifts are prized for their superb maneuverability. It is light in weight yet durable and stable, and will maintain a specific distance between patients and the suspension column which is fixed during lifting. It has a lower profile chassis and the legs are positioned in a manner where it is easy to roll beneath wheelchairs and beds. Despite the fact that it only weighs 100 pounds, it is capable of lifting up to 562 pounds.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

While Discovery Village At Sugarloaf is an outstanding community for active retirees, we can also accommodate those who have mobility challenges due to injury, illness or surgical recovery. The equipment we use is easy to move around yet provides comfort and stability. The devices can maneuver within small spaces and they use a low profile with legs that are adjustable and which can come in close proximity to patients that are seated.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Sugarloaf?

Those that become members of Discovery Village At Sugarloaf will always have access to the latest transfer assistance techniques and technologies. The equipment we use is compact yet capable of heavy duty work and will prevent injuries to both caretakers and patients. This means that even residents who are bedridden can be transported to any location with ease whether it be on or offsite. When you combine this with the lavish dwellings, gourmet meals and concierge services we offer, it is easy to see why retirees from all over Georgia and beyond choose our community for their retirement.

To find out more about our exclusive senior living programs at Discovery Village At Sugarloaf, contact us or schedule a tour to visit our beautiful grounds today!