Discovery Village At Sugarloaf is an upscale retirement community located near Suwanee, Georgia that provides a rich and rewarding lifestyle to residents. In addition to the picturesque dwellings and meticulously maintained grounds, we also provide a variety of cultural, wellness and educational activities which are designed to enhance the lives of residents throughout their stay.

About Our Senior Lifestyle Values

Aging retirees require a diverse range of services, all of which we offer. Some elders are active and prefer independent living, while those suffering from dementia or mobility issues require memory care, assisted living and skilled nursing. Our staff is trained to work with both groups, and we’ve developed a system and community where most specialty services are available onsite, meaning that residents don’t have to leave for outside assistance unless they want to.

Benefits of Having Senior Lifestyle Values in Your Living Community

The approach we employ at Discovery Village At Sugarloaf is very different from what you’ll find in the typical retirement home. A lot of retirement homes across the country are content to merely “look after” elders until they pass on, providing basic services such as food and nursing. These institutions have developed a lackluster reputation and have become infamous for their bland cafeteria food and over reliance on games such as bingo as a form of entertainment. In short, most retirement homes do the bear minimum needed to remain in compliance with state and federal laws.

Our community goes above and beyond this standard. Those who have had the pleasure of visiting our association have often compared it to a five star vacation resort, and many wanted to stay longer. This is because our community was master planned with every detail being considered, from ergonomically designed dwellings with non-slip floors to a robust communication system which allows residents to get in touch with our staff 24 hours a day. This combined with the substantial autonomy that we offer to members is a far cry from the restrictive experience that they will encounter in most retirement centers.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Discovery Village At Sugarloaf is ideal for retirees who are no longer able to care for themselves due to injury or illness. Unfortunately, the aging process can erode the ability of the human body to function in a normal manner and there are elders who need assistance with basic daily activities such as grooming, bathing, and eating.

Our staff will perform these duties with compassion and diligence, always ensuring that residents are safe and secure. We also cater to retirees that are still active that wish to live in an environment where they no longer have to deal with the hassle of managing a household themselves.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Sugarloaf?

Our community has become Georgia’s number one retirement destination. The gourmet meals are prepared by a professional chef, we take care of all errands on behalf of residents, and almost every service is consolidated into one monthly fee.

To learn more about living in Discovery Village At Sugarloaf, contact us or call us at 470.207.3392 today.