senior health symptoms

5 Health Symptoms Seniors Should Never Ignore

The health of our residents is a top consideration at Discovery Village at Deerwood retirement communities in Florida. We provide foods and activities specifically for the purpose of promoting good health. Our residents are also encouraged to follow their doctors’ orders, and there are some symptoms that physicians almost universally agree should not be ignored.…

nurse helping senior woman walk at Assisted Living for Seniors

Assisted Living for Seniors

As the aging process progresses, many seniors require more specialized, personalized care. For many individuals, activities of daily living, such as medication management and personal hygiene, become difficult to manage on one’s own. To cater to these individuals’ needs, assisted living for seniors programs are designed to provide ongoing supervision and professional care based around…

senior woman talking to nurse at assisted living for seniors

6 Myths About Assisted Living for Seniors

If you are considering moving to a senior living community, you might be confused about the different options. Assisted living for seniors is a program that many communities offer, but you might not know exactly what it entails. Whether the decision falls on the individual or family members, it’s never an easy one. Myths and…

two seniors in the workforce

The Role of Seniors in the Workforce

Don’t look now, but seniors—not millennials—are the fastest-growing segment of today’s workforce. Here’s how working longer is changing seniors’ lives, and why the workforce of the future is being re-engineered with seniors’ more prominent role in mind.   It appears that the days of seniors simply riding off into the retirement sunset may well be fading,…