Three Best Personal Care Amenities In Suwanee, GA

When reaching the mature stages of your life, it becomes frustrating to keep up your day-to-day routine all on your own. However, you’re not alone. Statistics show that almost 70% of 65-year-olds require long-term care services and support. Thankfully, there are many retirement communities in different locations offering help.

For those in the area, let’s learn about three of the best personal care amenities in Suwanee, GA available for you:

Personal Care Assistance

One of the most vital personal care amenities to look out for when looking for senior living options would be personal care assistance. Having a team of professionals trained to cater to you allows you to maintain, or even heighten your quality of life. You can enjoy your retirement peacefully and enjoyably without worrying about inconveniences such as:

  • Household chores including laundry, yard work, and housekeeping
  • Running errands like grocery shopping
  • Preparing full meals

Furthermore, personal care assistance is a great alternative to hospital care for those recuperating from illness, injuries, or surgical procedures. With on-site personal care assistance, say goodbye to the stressful times of sharing an uncomfortable room with other patients, and unreasonably expensive fees!

Professional Team Available 24/7

Of course, it’s impossible to predict exactly when you might need help. That’s why another important addition to a senior living experience would be team members who can attend to you at any time of the day. When there’s always a helping hand available in the form of a dedicated team, you can rest assured that you’ll be safe within the community.

Professional teams come with a variety of skill sets to improve your lifestyle, an example being ours at Discovery Village At Sugarloaf. Our team members can make your life more convenient by transporting you from place to place, or helping you during bathtime or when toileting. Additionally, there are even team members trained to oversee your physical therapy or provide fitness coaching and nutrition advice. With such a well-rounded team committed to meeting your every need, you can relax in the community knowing that aid is always available.

On-site Medical Services

The elderly are especially at risk of numerous injuries and medical conditions, such as hip dislocations and heart diseases. That’s why in addition to a team of professionals, an on-site medical director leading team members is always reassuring to have around. A medical director and his team of trained medical experts can ensure your safety and wellness in the case of a medical emergency.

Rather than having to go through the ordeal of making medical appointments, an excellent senior living community will arrange for medical appointments to come to you instead. These sessions provide an environment for you to ask about your medication and health status. For the sake of your wellness, do ensure that your retirement community has on-site medical services.

Our retirement community at Discovery Village At Sugarloaf is equipped with all of the services listed above and even more. Contact us to learn more about our personal care amenities you are interested in and find out what we have in store for you!