Understanding Elder Law for Assisted Senior Living

Elder law encompasses a broad spectrum of legal matters that specifically affect older adults and their families. These include estate planning, long-term care, guardianship, healthcare decision-making, and protection against elder abuse and exploitation. Understanding elder law is essential for seniors residing in assisted living facilities, as it ensures their rights are protected, their wishes are…

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Understanding Transportation Services in Assisted Senior Living

You’ve probably noticed how challenging it can be for seniors to get around, which is particularly troubling when they need to attend medical appointments or social activities. How can assisted living communities ensure that their residents stay mobile and connected? The answer lies in effective transportation services in assisted senior living. Today, we’re examining these…


Embracing Retirement: Community Activities in Assisted Living

Retirement is a wonderful time to embrace new experiences. You can pursue passions, engage in enriching activities, and cultivate meaningful connections. Assisted living communities provide the ideal environment to make the most of retirement. They offer a diverse array of activities and amenities. These keep residents active, nurture personal growth, and foster a vibrant social…


Crafting Delicious, Nutritious Menus for Assisted Senior Living

As we age, the importance of good nutrition becomes increasingly evident. Yet, nearly 90% of Americans don’t meet the daily recommended amount of vegetables. As our loved ones age, ensuring they have access to delicious and nutritious meals becomes a top priority. Healthy meal plans for assisted senior living are essential for promoting well-being and…


The Significance of Proper Nutrition in Assisted Senior Living

Treating and managing chronic conditions is costly for individuals and the economy. It’s estimated that 75% of healthcare spending in the U.S. goes toward treating chronic diseases. Worse, many of these conditions can be prevented or improved through proper diet and lifestyle choices. Discover Village at Deerwood understands the importance of proper nutrition for our…