When moving to a senior living community, this decision is something that is not made solely based on one individual. This is because this is usually an important decision that requires the entire family’s input, especially if the family is heavily involved in caretaking. However, for a family that is new to retirement communities, this may be a difficult process. There may be many questions on your mind as a family member, such as whether this is the right financial decision, whether the amenities will be sufficient for your loved one, whether they will be safe, whether they will be well taken care of and many more. You may even be wondering whether such a move will affect the dynamics of your family relationship. These are all valid, and common, questions that most family members have when considering the move. We want you and your family to make the decision that is right, and best, for you. This is why we have designed these family resources so that this challenging process is simplified and easier for you to navigate. Read on to get the answers that you need to your questions so that you can make a safe, informed decision.