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Woman enjoying Celebrations Activities & Events at Discovery Village.

“The hard part is deciding what to do next….and not because of a lack of options; it’s because of the appeal and accessibility of multiple ones.” – Karen G.

At Discovery Village, we make sure to fill each of your days with fun events and activities. You will have plenty of socializing opportunities to hang with your old friends or make some new friends. We also have a plethora of recreation options for you to choose from.

To start your day, you can enjoy a light workout to get your body moving. Next, grab a cup of coffee and sip on it as you watch the news. Later in the day, watch your favorite movie or attend a music performance. Alternatively, you can attend an interactive lecture to learn more about the US or world history. We also have games like Wii bowling that you can try out too.

But of course, those are if you are on our campus at all! With our various excursions around the community to local restaurants and popular shopping destinations, it is highly likely that you will hardly be on campus at all! Not to mention, all our museum visits, theater, and sporting events, there are just so many activities that you can enjoy inside and outside of our living community!

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