Senior Respite Care

Whether you are caring for a parent, relative, or friend, you might find that you need extra help on certain occasions. Perhaps you are looking at taking a trip or may need to go away for several days for an unexpected circumstance, or your loved one has an upcoming medical procedure that will require them to be under close supervision. Our senior respite care at Discovery Village At The West End is ideal for seniors who need a short-term stay in our senior living community. Our senior respite care living program also offers all the facilities and benefits provided by our Richmond location. You can rest assured knowing that your loved one is in good hands.

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What is Senior Respite Care?

You may already be familiar with the types of services offered by a senior living community; but you might not know exactly what senior respite care encompasses. Such a program is comprised of short-term stays within a senior living community. It is beneficial when there is no caregiver present to care for loved one for whatever reason. It may also be for seniors who specifically choose respite care while in recovery after undergoing a surgery or other medical procedure which needs them to be under close supervision.

In senior respite care programs, residents are given ready access to all the amenities offered by the senior living community. These facilities may include group activities, fine dining options, movie nights, assisted living services, outings to stores, and more.

Caregiving requires full dedication and can be considered a full-time job. With senior respite care, you are given a chance to continue caring for your loved one after having taken a rest. At Discovery Village At The West End, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in good hands while you are away. Your loved one will be cared for by our trained team members.

To learn more about our senior respite care living home in Richmond, VA at Discovery Village At The West End, reach out today at 804.238.7209 .

About Our Senior Respite Care Program

Our senior respite care program offers high-quality, specialized, short-term care for your loved one while providing relief for you.

Signing a loved one for respite care is critical to support the health of a caregiver and to maintain their ability to continue providing quality care. With our respite care program, you can feel your workload being eased. If your loved one needs extra assistance after undergoing a surgery or recovering from illness, or you just need to take a break or have short-term support, we are here for you. Let us assist you through our specialized respite care program.

What is included in our senior respite care living home in Richmond, VA? You’ll find the following in our program:

  • Fully-furnished sleeping accommodations
  • Safe and secure location in a controlled environment
  • Medication administration
  • Three nutritious meals a day, along with snacks and beverages
  • A professional team onsite around the clock
  • Assistance with grooming, bathing, dressing, and incontinence when necessary
  • Fun and engaging activities available every day
  • Arrangement for additional rehab services

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As a caregiver, your health needs to be your topmost priority. Providing long-term care can be stressful and taking a break is important to help you be a better caregiver in the long run. At Discovery Village At The West End, your loved one will love staying in our stunning, cozy location. Our well-trained team will make sure your loved one feels welcomed while having their daily needs well taken care of.

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