Retirement is the period of our life when we have an abundance of time to spare to finally pursue our hobbies and interests that we have always loved. We can travel, connect with friends, and explore new adventures. However, not every older adult finds retirement fulfilling but we can change your mind through our world-class senior living amenities here at Discovery Village At Castle Hills. Find out more about the different senior living benefits that our residents here stand to enjoy.

Low-Maintenance Senior Living Lifestyle

From fixing the lightbulb to doing laundry, there are always chores that need to be done at home. At our senior independent living center, these tedious daily activities will be fully handled by housekeeping and maintenance professionals. Residents of our community can look forward to returning to a spick and span room after a tiring day full of activities to get the well-rested sleep that they deserve. The wide array of on-site amenities we offer at our community includes the following:

  • TED talks
  • Exercise classes
  • Game nights
  • Worship services
  • Movie nights
  • Yoga
  • Water aerobics
  • Wii bowling
  • …and more!

Safe and Secure Senior Living

Not all older adults need assistance with personal care, but this does not eliminate the risk of them sustaining injuries when alone at home. Household falls may still occur and it gets even scarier when immediate help cannot be rendered without anyone else staying within the same place. Our senior independent living center has implemented various safety and security measures including having a ready emergency response system. This enables our team of professional senior living experts to provide immediate support should an emergency situation were to arise.

Healthy Senior Living

Discovery Village At Castle Hills offers a wide array of lifestyle programs that can help to keep our residents fit and active all day long. Our lineup of activities is planned on a daily basis to ensure there is always something to do for everyone. Our lifestyle programs aim to improve our residents’ fitness levels to help them maintain good mobility and the general well-being of their bodies. They can look forward to leading a much healthier and more enriching lifestyle that can prevent high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and others. All our programs are of a mild intensity to prevent our residents from overexerting themselves and risk getting injured.

Complimentary Senior-Friendly Transportation Service

One of our highly sought-after amenities at Discovery Village At Castle Hills is our complimentary transportation service. Residents do not need to head out to the mall, doctor’s office, or anywhere else on their own. They can take advantage of our complimentary transportation service that helps to ensure that they get to travel anywhere in comfort and safety. Residents are also able to lead a worry-free life where they do not need to fuss over getting their vehicle serviced from time to time.

Encourages Socialization Among Seniors

Socialization is important to uplift our moods and improve our mental health. By participating in the wide array of events and celebrations that we offer at Discovery Village At Castle Hills, residents can look forward to forging new, meaningful relationships with their new neighbors.