At Discovery Village At Castle Hills, the units available at our luxury, resort-style facility feature a wide range of layouts and floor plans, ranging from cozy suites to spacious one- or two-bedroom apartments. Each of our welcoming spaces features a kitchenette with a refrigerator, spacious living areas, and large bathrooms. Residents are encouraged to personalize their new homes with their favorite furniture, personal items, and decorative pieces. Learn more about our Discovery Village At Castle Hills’ floor plans by reaching out to us online today or calling 972-737-7028.

Allington 1B, 1B

Berkeley 1B, 1B

Bishop 1B, 1B

Blarney 1B, 1B

Cambridge 1B, 1B

Colchester 1B, 1B

Downton 1B, 1B

Embelton 1B, 1B

Hampton 1B, 1B

Kingsgate 2B, 2B

Lancaster 2B, 2B

Pembridge 2B, 2B

Rochester 2B, 2B

Rockingham 2B, 2B

Wentworth 1B, 1B

Windsor 1B, 1B

Witton 2B, 2B