If you are still undecided on the most ideal senior living option that best suits your needs, we are glad to share with you several differences between independent living and assisted living to help you make a well-informed decision. Continue reading the following article and direct any inquiries to our team at Discovery Village At Castle Hills for any assistance.

Cost of Senior Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

Senior assisted living is built around a rental model. The fees you will need to pay monthly include housekeeping, maintenance, home care, security, meals, lifestyle programs, and 24/7 support. In this model, the rent that you are paying often includes one to two hours of daily assistance with personal needs. You will receive support for dressing, bathing, grooming, medication management, and more. The cost breakdown for the independent living model is slightly different. Residents here pay an entrance fee and a monthly fee that covers housekeeping, maintenance, meals, security, and lifestyle programs.

Medical and Personal Care for Senior Living

Independent living communities cater to the social needs of elderly residents who are generally fit and active without needing assistance for daily activities. However, residents of an assisted living community are given specialized care for their medical and personal needs. Some are also provided therapy sessions, medical visits, and more.

Retirement Community Design

Independent living communities are often designed in such a way where residents are spread out across various buildings comprising apartment homes. There is a central clubhouse where social events and lifestyle programs are held to get all the residents together for daily engagement. Assisted living communities, on the other hand, are usually more close-knit and self-contained. The community may have a smaller footprint as residents are not expected to travel a great distance to participate in various events and programs.

Family Involvement

For residents of an independent living community, they are the primary decision-maker for all their care and support options. However, families are still encouraged to visit their loved ones and participate in the wide array of amenities we have to offer at Discovery Village At Castle Hills. In an assisted living community, family members take a more active role in making decisions for the care and support of their loved ones. Family members are also regularly kept in the loop on any health progress.

Range of Senior Living Programs and Amenities

The range of programs offered by an independent living community aims to keep residents fit and active as a means to promote their overall well-being and mobility. For an assisted living community, its range of programs caters to their medical needs. The programs usually involve rehabilitation and therapy which support their physical, mental, and medical needs. For the range of amenities offered in an independent living community and assisted living community, they are somewhat similar. Residents enjoy catered meals, complimentary transportation, daily housekeeping, and concierge services.

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