We understand that for most families, the cost is a critical factor that influences their decision on making the move to a retirement community. However, you may be surprised to learn about the fact that many older adults are actually spending so much more by staying on their own as compared to a senior living community. They need to fork out their own individual expenses like mortgage or rent, groceries, utilities, transportation, and even home care. If you are trying to determine whether it is much more cost-efficient to live in a senior independent living center as opposed to your own home, make use of our senior living cost calculator for a rough guide.

Utilities, Groceries, Transportation for Senior Living

If you are retiring at home on your own, you will need to pay for your own expenses like utilities, groceries, and transportation. These costs can quickly add up and may take a toll on your monthly finances. You will also be required to prepare and cook your own meals which can be exhausting and not as nutritious as chef-prepared meals. At Discovery Village At Castle Hills, all these costs will be added together into one package and you will get to enjoy complimentary transportation services for carefree commutes. You do not need to fuss over regular vehicle servicing or even cooking on a daily basis.

Accommodation, Property Tax, Insurance for Senior Living

When you live on your own, you are responsible for your own mortgage or rent. Regular upkeep of the house will also be borne by you which can get pretty expensive if the place that you live in has always been poorly maintained. Apart from that, you will also have to bear the property tax and insurance which can add up to a hefty sum of money per annum. In addition, regular maintenance like fixing a lightbulb, unclogging the toilet, and others will have to be personally handled on your own. In an independent living center, all these costs are included as part of your senior living package and so will all the tedious maintenance activities.

Lifestyle Programs for Seniors

There are plenty of recreational centers around the neighborhood that offer a variety of lifestyle programs that keep older adults fit and active. However, most of them come at a price. You may also be required to sign up for packages before being allowed to attend the different classes or participate in the activities that they offer. At Discovery Village At Castle Hills, we have a daily lineup of fun and engaging events and activities that you can freely explore at your own time. It is also a highly positive way to forge new, meaningful relationships with your new neighbors with whom you can explore new interests.

At Discovery Village At Castle Hills, we aim to support the social needs of our elderly residents. We have the resources and skills that are necessary to enable our residents to lead a healthier, more enriching lifestyle for a much happier retirement. Rest assured that the senior independent living experience you will receive here will outweigh any cost consideration that you have.