Looking for a trusted senior living community in Collier County? Join Discovery Village At Naples to enjoy the independent and active retirement life that you deserve! Our community is warm and welcoming, and our professional team members are always around to address any issues that you may have. Our unique approach to senior living includes three main options—Assisted Living, Independent Living, and SHINE® Memory Care. We also offer many complimentary services and programs to make your retirement life more convenient.

Enjoyable Senior Living Dining Experiences in Collier County

For residents who find shopping for groceries and preparing meals difficult or tiring, our experienced chefs and servers are here to make your dining experience easy and enjoyable. We serve healthy and nutritious meals with exceptional tableside service, and we also provide customized meals depending on your nutritional needs. Mealtime is a great way to bond and socialize, and you can share meals with your friends and family in our sophisticated dining room.

Convenient Senior Living Housekeeping Services in Collier County

We provide extensive housekeeping services for our residents so that they can spend more time with their family and friends. From keeping your house clean and tidy to fixing broken household appliances, our housekeeping team members are highly trained to accommodate your requests. You can expect the highest standards of cleanliness from our professional housekeeping team. Having an organized living environment also has many mental and physical health benefits, such as a reduced risk of falls.

Senior Living Concierge Services in Collier County

Concierge services are provided to assist you with managing your daily schedule and planning for events. Our concierge team members are willing to help with various activities such as planning for a vacation or moving into your new home. It can also be challenging to remember multiple important dates, so our concierge services act as reminders to prevent you from missing an important medical appointment or forgetting a loved one’s birthday. By relying on our concierge services, your worries will decrease as we are always around to make sure you are on schedule.

Senior Living Transportation Assistance in Collier County

Our transportation services are consistent, timely, and convenient to use. Just let us know where you need to get to in advance, and we will arrange suitable transportation to take you there and bring you back safely. We take into account every resident’s individual special needs, and we ensure that our services are highly accessible to all residents. We also offer scheduled trips that you can come along for to explore the area’s attractions or travel to another part of town.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Naples for Senior Living?

At Discovery Village At Naples, we are committed to maintaining the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of our community. Our services and lifestyle programs are specially created to make retirement living safe and convenient for residents. We also offer personalized services to fit your specific care needs. Our team also regularly keeps track of your health condition and are extremely alert to any health and wellness problems that you may face.

To learn more about senior living in Collier County, feel free to contact us today.