Are you thinking if now is the perfect time for your loved one to move into a senior living community? If you are caught in between “yes” and “no” as an answer to this question, it pays to take this Senior Lifestyle Quiz. That way, you will also be able to find out which kind of community will be best suited for their needs. Make sure your loved one is there with you as you take the quiz so that the questions will be answered as objectively as possible.

Q: Does your loved one still have the freedom to cook food at home? If they do, do they get the energy they need after cooking their food? Do they get the nourishment needed to keep up with the day’s activities? If not, do they order prepacked meals most of the time?

Q: Who does the housekeeping for them? Do they do it themselves? Does someone from the family do it for them? Do you hire house helpers to serve their housekeeping needs?

Q: Do they love going out and doing their own chores like shopping for clothes and groceries? Do they seek assistance from a family member? Is someone else (other than family members) hired to run errands for them?

Q: Can they still drive on their own? Does a family member drive for them in some instances? Do you hire a chauffeur to drive them whenever needed?

Q: Taking medications is crucial for your loved ones at this stage. Do they remember taking them at the right time and as directed by their healthcare providers? Do family members assist them or remind them to take medications instead? Do you need someone to assist them when taking medications especially when you are attending to other chores?

Q: Do your loved ones get dressed or take a bath on their own? Do you assist them when grooming themselves? Is a service provider assisting them with these needs? Are they incapable of attending to their personal needs?

Q: For those of you whose loved ones are using wheelchairs, are they capable of transferring themselves from the wheelchair to their bed or other areas in the home? Do they need assistance to transfer themselves? Are they fully dependent on someone else to help them with these needs?

Q: Memory recall wise, do they still recognize all of you at home? Do they still remember the name of their friends who come and visit them? Are there occasions when they no longer remember you? Have they completely forgotten the name of family and friends?

Q: Do you find them becoming forgetful these days? Do they forget little? Or are they more forgetful than usual? Do you think the situation is serious?

How Answers Relate to Senior Living Care Levels

The answers to these questions will dictate the level of care that you or your loved ones need. This is actually categorized into three, namely independent living, memory care, and assisted living. If they need little to no assistance, they are best fitted for independent living communities. If your loved one suffers from memory-related conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia, they will thrive with communities offering memory care. If they need assistance most of the time, assisted living communities will be best for them.

Discovery Village At Boynton Beach for Senior Living

When you find it is time to move to a senior living community, nothing beats choosing Discovery Village At Boynton Beach. We are located in Florida, near the most enticing sights, fun entertainment options, exquisite dining places, and a host of other accessible areas for your loved ones’ immediate needs.

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