At Discovery Village At Boynton Beach, we encourage our residents to keep a pet! Pets can cause trouble and can be an inconvenience to many, but in our living community, we see the value of having them. More than encouraging our residents to keep a pet, we run pet-therapy programs for some of our residents. These programs help mentally and physically. Pets are fun to be around, and fun is something Discovery Village At Boynton Beach wants for our residents.

About Our Pet Friendly Retirement Community

Discovery Village At Boynton Beach allows pets on the premises, however, these pets must be responsibly looked after and tagged. Once the needs of our pets are taken care of, they can start looking out for the needs of our residents. It has been scientifically proven that being responsible for a pet has many psychological benefits to a pet owner. Spending time to pamper, walk, or cuddle with a pet can combat feelings of loneliness and depression. It promotes your overall health and general wellness, helping to reduce stress as well. The power of this companionship becomes even more significant when it is formed under our pet therapy programs.

Animals under pet therapy are specially trained to help our residents. They are well socialized and accustomed to spending time with humans. Much like the support a pet can give a blind man when walking down the street, our pets can brighten up the day for our residents and complement the community experience.

Benefits of Having a Pet Friendly Retirement Community

With a pet friendly community, our residents can fully enjoy the benefits that come with owning a pet. Studies have found that spending just 15 minutes with an animal can release additional serotonin into the brain, improving moods and fighting mental illnesses. Among the benefits of owning a pet are improved self-esteem, reduced anxiety, a reduced fear of loneliness, as well as better mental stimulation and memory. With the opportunity to bring pets out for walks comes physical benefits. These walks indirectly encourage exercise, improving one’s mobility and lowering blood pressure.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Senior living communities exist to serve your needs and to give you a home away from home. In situations where your loved one is getting insufficient care because of life circumstances; you should consider learning more about senior living communities. They are called communities for a reason and will provide a safe and stable environment to relax and thrive in. Similarly, if you are bored at home and are looking for new experiences in a stable environment, a senior living community might be just the place for you.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Boynton Beach for Senior Living?

At Discovery Village At Boynton Beach, we have built a pet-friendly community, meant to enhance your experience. Here we offer a wide range of services, activities, and experiences that can be yours.

To learn more about living in Discovery Village At Boynton Beach, feel free to contact us today.