Everyone is looking forward to enjoying their retirement years with dignity and purpose. After all, age is merely a number and people often look forward to an active lifestyle. However, that can be overwhelming, seeing that there are so many different living options available for you. Whether it’s staying with your children or at a living community like ours, there are pros and cons to everything. At Discovery Village At Southlake, we show you the benefits of a living community. This will enable you to make a more informed decision before deciding.

Better Nutrition

At Discovery Village At Southlake, we ensure that your loved ones can enjoy a wide array of exquisite cuisines designed with their nutrition and health in mind. Better nutrition will always lead to improved health and higher quality of life and our mission is to ensure that your loved ones can enjoy that kind of living. With a wide array of dining options in our living community, your loved ones will be spoilt for choice as our professional culinary team provides all three meals with desserts to alleviate those hunger pangs! This is also important if you find it difficult to plan a nutritious meal for your loved ones. Leave it to our professional chefs to whip up something delectable for your loved ones!

An Active Lifestyle

Your loved ones can enjoy an active lifestyle with the wide array of activities we have to offer. Whether you’re looking for fitness and wellness classes for your loved ones to engage in a healthier lifestyle or art and crafts sessions to pique their creativity, we are the place you should consider! Our professional fitness trainers are here to ensure your loved ones can exercise safely while meeting their personal fitness goals. Our in-house events director curates a list of events for your loved ones to ensure that they are stimulated emotionally and physically. These activities are also a great platform for social bonding with other residents. By living an active lifestyle on all fronts, whether socially or emotionally, your loved ones can enjoy a new lease of life here at Discovery Village At Southlake.

Convenient Accessibility

It can be challenging for your loved ones to access certain places to run errands or simply to go on a shopping spree with their friends. We provide a high level of convenient accessibility through our chauffeuring services and ensure that your loved ones can get from place to place without the fear of getting lost or being late.

Find Out More About What Discovery Village At Southlake’s Retirement Community Have to Offer

With a wide range of facilities and amenities, our professional team will ensure that the needs of your loved ones will be met. Our mission is to provide an environment for your loved ones to enjoy an engaging and conducive environment for holistic growth. Whether it’s through social bonding over meals or yoga classes, your loved ones will be kept occupied while you can take a break from taking care of them. Contact us to find out more!