To lead a meaningful and wholesome life, there is a need to engage all aspects including the mind, body and soul. For our residents to enjoy this, various programs are held such as a wide range of clubs, a variety of physical exercises and specialized classes designed to cater to attendees. Through such enriching activities, our residents get to relish an active and fun lifestyle while staying fit and healthy.

About Our Senior Active Lifestyle

Our senior active lifestyle consists of a range of activities to stimulate the minds of our residents in every aspect possible. With our excursions and social events such as gatherings and celebrations, our Discovery Village community encourages a sense of belonging and deep bonding among our residents. At the same time, residents get the chance to keep cherished memories and new experiences.

Our community also promotes and supports a wide range of hobbies our residents might be enthusiastic about whether it is a round of virtual golf competition, floral arrangement demonstration or even cooking classes. With the frequent opportunities to go on trips such as to museums, the hottest shopping districts and famous landmarks, we aim for our residents to enjoy their stay at Discovery Village At Southlake.

Benefits of Leading a Senior Active Lifestyle

With senior active lifestyle here in our senior living community, quality engagement and interaction in our senior living accommodation is the key. Each program is carefully selected and tested before implementing into our senior active lifestyle serving their specialized objectives. The need to keep active both physically and mentally is a necessity for our residents to enhance the quality of life. With our range of programs, our residents are never bored and are always occupied with stimulating activities that involves not just working on themselves but also together with fellow residents.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

According to studies, the estimated age of moving into a senior living community range between 75 and 85. This move is typically decided when safety becomes an issue and a challenge for your loved ones who reside alone. Such signs of challenges include changes in eating patterns, poor memory, sudden loss in weight, difficulty in communication and many others. When such signs are observed, it is always best to seek advice from a healthcare professional on the suitability of a senior living community.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Southlake’s Retirement Community?

At Discovery Village At Southlake, we are committed to cater to every resident’s long-term comfort and health. We take pride in giving the best possible stay and also to enhance the lives of the residents in our community. Our community is more than willing to provide when it comes to giving the most suitable form of care that has been curated and personalized to cater to each and every one of our residents. Our community décor is not just stylish, but meticulously designed to suit the needs of our residents. With our passionate community that strives to get to know every single one of our residents, we serve to meet all needs and expectations with satisfaction.

To learn more about senior active lifestyle in Discovery Village At Southlake, contact us or call us at 817.476.3518 today!