Incontinence is a typical condition which occurs due to problems with the nerves and muscles that assist our bladder hold or release urine. Some common symptoms include leaking urine when one sneezes or coughs, or the sudden urge to get to the bathroom but often not in time. Incontinence is a prevailing condition among the senior community even though it should not be treated as equivalent to the normal aging process. This condition, however, is correlated with the burden of caregiving for family members and marks the importance of proper medications and incontinence management.

About Our Medications and Incontinence Management Services

The medications and incontinence management in Discovery Village At Southlake are provided by our team of health professionals to help lower the symptom burdens, empower your loved ones to participate in social activities to enhance the quality of life, and reducing the caregiver burden. Our medications and incontinence management consist of:

  • Behavioral interventions – Bladder diary to track timing and amount of urine, scheduled toileting at fixed intervals, prompting the need to use the toilet, mobility and strengthening exercises in toileting routines
  • Bladder training – Helps to lower frequency of toileting and increasing the bladder capacity
  • Pelvic floor exercises – Kegel exercises to strengthen the correct muscle group to make the bladder stronger
  • Lifestyle modifications – Modifying the amount, timing, and types of fluid intake
  • Anticholinergic drugs – Using agents such as xybutinin, solifenacin, trospium, and tolterodine to help reduce the amount of leakage

Benefits of Having Senior Transportation Services in Your Retirement Community

To maintain and improve the quality of life of your loved ones staying in Discovery Village At Southlake, the aim of our medications and incontinence management is to help change the lifestyle of your loved ones and help them to better understand their condition and be able to continue doing the daily activities they enjoy. We would like them to avoid staying agitated and restless due to their wetting habit, and we are confident that our comprehensive medications and incontinence management strategies will be effective.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

To decide if your loved ones may have the need to move into a senior living community, go through the following questions for your consideration.

  • Do your loved ones have a medical condition that might get more severe over time?
  • Has a doctor or family member expressed concern about your loved ones living alone?
  • Do your loved ones need help to accomplish daily tasks regularly?
  • Is the in-home medical care that your loved ones have been using becoming a financial burden?

If most of your answers are “Yes”, Discovery Village At Southlake is your first choice among all options. We guarantee that your loved ones will get the assistance and care they require without sacrificing their happiness and comfort.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Southlake’s Retirement Community?

Discovery Village At Southlake offers medications and incontinence management strategies which aim to provide treatment for any type or stage of incontinence, regardless its underlying causes or severity. Our professional team of health experts will always provide less aggressive treatments if the underlying conditions allow. We aim to assist your loved ones to continue with their daily activities with confidence.

To learn more about medications and incontinence management in Discovery Village At Southlake, contact us or call us at 817.476.3518 today.