A common misconception for a living community is that they are isolated and contained in a facility without any form of mobility or movement. However, this is far from the truth. At Discovery Village At Southlake, we offer quality service for your loved ones to ensure they can run errands whenever they want or travel to their preferred destinations, whether it’s going to a mall or the clinic. We prioritize the well-being of your loved ones, and we ensure that with our Expressions Concierge service, your loved ones will have their needs met.

About Expressions Concierge

Regardless of whether it’s the accessibility to certain places, such as malls to watch their favorite movies or traveling to the airport, or even running their own errands to receive their mails, you can be assured that Expressions Concierge is here to meet that need. Our Expressions Concierge provides mobility for your loved ones to go wherever they need safely. This is essential as we make daily living easy and simple for them without any worry. Our Expressions Concierge also provides service every day, ensuring that your loved ones can reach out in time of need, whether it’s in an emergency or commuting for recreational purposes.

Benefits of Expressions Concierge in Your Retirement Community

One of the things we ensure through our Expressions Concierge is the safety and well-being of your loved ones. As it can be easy to be lost or forget where they’re going to, our Expressions Concierge ensures that they get to their target destination fuss-free and safely. This is especially pertinent if your loved ones are experiencing a form of mental condition, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia which may affect their sense of direction. Our Expressions Concierge is always available to provide all-day service whenever our residents need it. We also lower the hassle for your loved ones in calculating transport costs through our Expressions Concierge as our friendly staff is here to ferry your loved ones. Whether it’s to attend an event or for dining reservations, your loved ones can go wherever they want, worry-free!

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Providing that level of mobility can be difficult. Often this means that your loved ones may be unable to travel out and partake in activities, leading to further isolation which is detrimental for their mental and physical health. As it may be challenging for them to travel out by themselves, you may find that a living community like ours at Discovery Village At Southlake can provide that high level of access to places safely.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Southlake’s Retirement Community?

At Discovery Village At Southlake, our professional and friendly team is here to ensure that your needs are all met. With a wide range of facilities, such as our Expressions Concierge available, we put a smile on your face as your loved ones can enjoy their time here while you can rest assured that they get to live an active and engaging lifestyle with us at Discovery Village At Southlake.

To learn more about living in Discovery Village At Southlake, contact us or call us at 817.476.3518 today.