One of the greatest concerns among retirees is increased rent prices. Because many who are 65 years of age and older are no longer in the workforce and live on fixed incomes, continuous rent increases can threaten their financial stability while creating stress and anxiety which could exacerbate or lead to health problems.

About Our Senior Living Rent Protection Services

Discovery Village at Stuart has taken various measures to ensure that residents are protected from onerous rent increases. To this end, we’ve implemented rent protection services where you won’t have to worry about rental increases for a certain period of time, which can range from two to ten years depending on the senior living options you choose.

Benefits of Having Senior Living Rent Protection Services in Your Retirement Community

Rent in major American cities has quadrupled over the last thirty years, while the wages from jobs have remained relatively stagnant. This has created hardship, especially among the middle and working class. Those who’ve retired from the workforce may find themselves in an even more difficult situation since any income they are receiving from investment, pension, or social security is limited and unlikely to increase at the same rate that their rent does.

Our team here at Discovery Village At Stuart recognizes that prospective and existing residents don’t want to be put in an embarrassing scenario where they are unable to continue residing in the community because they are unable to cover increased rental fees. This is why we work closely with prospective residents and their families to offer them rent protection services so that they won’t be financially impacted in the future.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Our retirement community is ideal for middle income or prosperous retirees who generate a monthly stipend that comes from a pension, investment, or combination of the two. While some retirees fly down from the northern U.S. during winter to enjoy our community and the warm Floridian weather, returning to their family homes during spring, others choose to relocate to Discovery Village At Stuart full time. Since they live in apartments in major northern cities and it doesn’t make sense to continue paying such high fees, they choose to come down to Florida and live with us where their rent will be locked in and they will enjoy far more amenities.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Stuart?

The rent protection services we offer provide a uniquely attractive benefit to retirees. It alleviates their stress and anxiety since they know exactly what they’ll pay every month. They will enjoy years of paying a fixed monthly amount and will have peace of mind to fully enjoy the wide variety of activities and amenities that can be found at Discovery Village At Stuart!

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