Happy hours exist in many foodservice establishments all across the world, from restaurants and bars to retirement communities. Many senior living-focused communities have their own twist on happy hours, whether it is featuring the community’s own bar or a bring-it-yourself beverage style. State regulations have some limitations for what a retirement community can and cannot do, especially when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

About Our Happy Hours

Having happy hours can enhance residents’ daily life. Enjoying a cocktail with friends can have a positive impact. It promotes camaraderie and connections between residents and creates positive energy. Live entertainment is also provided during happy hours. Mixing music with some drinks in a joyous environment will surely ensure that residents have a good time.

What are the Benefits of Having Happy Hours in Your Senior Independent Living Community?

There are many benefits that can be achieved when communities have happy hours with live entertainment. Studies have shown that music can have healing benefits and by offering happy hours with live entertainment or music, seniors now have a reason to go out and not exclude themselves from activities. Music can have a calming effect while relieving stress at the same time. It may rekindle or trigger positive or joyful memories and music also has been known to improve language abilities for residents suffering from memory-related conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Sometimes, a familiar tune or hymns can be the spark that these residents need to start tapping their feet and sing along, especially if the songs are from their era.

Having happy hours also allows residents to participate in other activities that the communities have designed for them. This way, it makes them want to come out of their shell and socialize with the other residents; music not only brings back memories but also helps residents feel great about themselves.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Independent Living Community?

Moving into a retirement community can be scary at first but it is an important step to take for your loved ones to truly experience their life to the fullest. Getting older is not something many people look forward to but with a dedicated community that specializes in senior living, many seniors can enjoy their retirement. When you notice these signs in your loved ones, they might benefit from living in a senior community:

  • They feel bored easily
  • They are seeking more exciting activities
  • They want to stay active without depending on loved ones
  • … and more!

Why Choose Discovery Village At Twin Creeks?

Our stylish resort-style homes encourage independent living within our community and our range of senior-friendly amenities will surely make your loved ones feel at home. We offer social, physical, and spiritual wellness as we understand the importance of those properties. To learn more about Discovery Village At Twin Creeks’ happy hours, you can call us at 972.532.7042 .