Discovery Village At Twin Creeks aims to deliver world-class facilities and a wide array of fun activities for our residents to enjoy right at their doorstep. Additionally, our pet-friendly community hopes to help residents to transition seamlessly into their new senior independent life by welcoming their furry friends along. Through this, we hope to create a favorable environment that lets seniors lead a life free from stress and anxiety with the company of their pets.

About Our Pet-Friendly Community

Pets offer various benefits to the health and wellness of seniors which we fully understand and agree with. Our senior independent living community has adopted a pet-friendly policy to accommodate senior residents and their fur buddies. Through this initiative, we hope to provide the assistance and care that our senior residents need along with the feelings of happiness and content of aging alongside their beloved furry companions.

What are the Benefits of Having a Pet-Friendly Senior Living Community?

As a pet-friendly senior living community, we wish to incorporate pet therapy into our senior living option to provide our residents with the best of both worlds. Pet therapy has been proven to be beneficial towards mitigating mental deterioration in seniors. When our residents see and play with pets, they get to enjoy various benefits like the following:

  • Reduced feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • Lowered rates of depression
  • Increased joint movement and overall mobility
  • Reduced stress and anxiety

Residents who are pet owners can also share the joy along with their neighbors. They can bond while watching their pet perform tricks and just provide basic companionship to everyone there. It creates an opportunity for residents to forge new relationships with those who share the same interests. This can further improve their mental wellness and get their spirits up.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Independent Living Community?

A senior independent living option is ideal for seniors who are looking to live in a community that offers optimum comfort through stylish, cozy rooms and a wealth of amenities. Here, residents can look forward to exploring new activities each day with their newfound friends to keep themselves occupied with meaningful events. Their days can be fully invested in pursuing their interests without having to fuss over endless daily tasks like housekeeping and maintenance, laundry, and cooking.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Twin Creeks?

For senior residents who are pet owners, choose Discovery Village At Twin Creeks. We are a pet-friendly community that welcomes you and your furry companion. We believe in creating a conducive environment for our residents which means accepting everyone along with their pets. Apart from the wealth of facilities that we offer here at our senior independent living community, we also believe in helping our residents maintain a healthy mind that can be achieved through pet therapy. Do not hassle over who is going to take care of your fur buddy once you have moved in with us. Bring your pet along to enjoy the tranquil environment over at Discovery Village At Twin Creeks.

To learn more about our pet-friendly community at Discovery Village At Twin Creeks, you can call us at 972.532.7042 .