When you’re looking into senior independent living options, one factor that you need to consider is the programs that the community offers. At many communities, these luxuries are limited, while they claim that they provide extensive amenities. However, when you’re looking at senior living programs in Allen, TX, you’ll find that at Discovery Village At Twin Creeks, we offer exceptional options.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re sure that you’ll love what our community has to provide due to the lifestyle programs we offer. As a result, we make the Discovery Village At Twin Creeks guarantee. This pledge says that if you don’t find satisfaction within the first 90 days in our community, tell us, and we’ll refund your community fee. Furthermore, we will not hold you to the terms of your lease.

Ambassadors Club

Since our residents love to tell their friends and family about the exceptional, carefree senior living lifestyle they enjoy at Discovery Village, we created the Ambassadors Club. If you refer a new resident to us, you’ll be rewarded with exclusive parties, events, special bonuses, and gifts. These can even include rent credits! The only thing you need to do is tell others about the lifestyle and amenities you enjoy at Disovery Village.

Celebrations Activities and Events

Most senior living programs in Allen, TX provide some activities, but they cannot match those that our activities counselor creates. We offer an extensive amount of activities that allow you to grow and thrive in the company of friends. Some of the activities we provide include:

  • Games such as poker, 42, Scrabble, and pool
  • Exercise classes, including water aerobics and yoga
  • Movie nights every Monday and Wednesday
  • Educational classes on topics such as history and writing

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Dimensions Health and Fitness

Science has proven that staying moving and keeping active is essential for a person’s long-term health. Fortunately, one aspect of our lifestyle programs includes health and fitness. We offer a range of opportunities for you to stay fit and have fun at the same time. Whether you like water aerobics, Wii bowling, or yoga, we offer a senior living health program that you’ll enjoy.

Connections  Transportation Services

Complimentary transportation services are within your grasp at all of our independent living programs in Allen, TX. We provide regularly scheduled trips to exciting locations near our community. In addition, we can help you get to where you need to go during the week. Simply contact the concierge services desk a few days before you need to go somewhere, and we’ll ensure you get there.

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With the help of senior living programs in Allen, TX, your life can be exciting and enjoyable. To learn more about what you’ll find in our programs, contact Discovery Village At Twin Creeks today by calling 972-440-1218.