Discovery Village At Twin Creeks offers first-rate senior living options within a resort-style setting. Residents stand to enjoy a plethora of amenities and lifestyle programs that aim to improve their quality of life. We have numerous facilities offered to residents right at their doorstep to get them engaged through an active routine. Our senior living community also employs an array of safety measures that help keep the safety of our residents at bay at all times. Find out more about the different safety measures that we incorporate into our senior living options here at Discovery Village At Twin Creeks.

About Our Safety Measures

Safety measures are one of the topmost priorities of our senior living community. We understand how some seniors are experiencing various issues with their health that can affect their mobility, strength, vision, and memory. To help our senior living residents manage these daily challenges, we have implemented a variety of safety measures throughout our entire community. Learn more about the following measures that we deploy to maintain the overall safety of our residents:

  • Bathroom Fixtures – Installing handlebars at bathrooms and showers allows seniors to have a good grip for support when going about their daily grooming tasks.
  • High-Grade Flooring – Floors are non-slippery to prevent slips and falls; rugs and mats are secured in place onto the floors.
  • Fire Extinguishers – Every hall is equipped with working fire extinguishers in case of an emergency.

What are the Benefits of Safety Measures in a Senior Independent Living Community?

The main purpose of implementing safety measures at our senior living community is to help eliminate risks within the community that may lead to serious injuries or even fatalities. Slips and falls, and other emergency situations are not uncommon amongst seniors and through our different safety measures as well as on-site facilities and staff, these risks can be prevented.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Independent Living Community?

A move to a senior independent living community usually concerns the matter of safety and comfort. If your loved one wishes to continue pursuing their personal interests and hobbies while having their daily tasks taken care of, senior independent living is the most ideal option. Residents can invest their time daily in the activities that they have always loved or take the opportunity to explore new, exciting programs.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Twin Creeks?

Discovery Village At Twin Creeks focuses not just on providing a wide array of amenities for our residents to enjoy, but we also wish to maintain the overall safety of our residents. Through the safety measures that we implement into the different areas of our senior independent living community, residents can look forward to an improved quality of life that will enable them to pursue their interests and forge new, meaningful relationships with ease.

To learn more about Discovery Village At Twin Creeks’ safety measures, you can call us at 972.532.7042