Retirees that are searching for their first senior living community or switching between communities must carefully consider the important factors which should influence their transition. By taking this Lifestyle Quiz, you’ll gain answers to the most commonly made inquiries. You’ll also get a better idea as to which type of community is most suitable for your needs or those of your loved one.

  1. How do you get around? Do you drive yourself or prefer being driven by someone else?
  2. How is the home being cleaned? Can you or a loved one clean it yourself, or do you require cleaning services?
  3. For meal preparation, are you cooking the dishes at home daily, or do you usually have meals delivered because you don’t have time or energy to prepare them? Does the food you cook keep you active and energized for the whole day? Who usually does the cooking, you or a caretaker?
  4. If wheelchairs are being used by you or a family member, how easy is it for them to move without assistance?
  5. Are there times when you or your loved one has difficulty recognizing family members or friends?
  6. Do you frequently require assistance during shopping trips, or is this something you can do on your own?
  7. Have you noticed any changes in how you or your loved one handles personal hygiene? If you’re caring for someone, are they capable of dressing, bathing, and grooming themselves without difficulty?
  8. Have you or your loved one had difficulty taking medications on schedule, getting them mixed up, or didn’t use them as instructed? Does someone need to give reminders to take them?
  9. How good is your memory or that of your loved one? Have you noticed that you forget important things, or have issues recalling certain details?

How Answers Relate to Care Levels

The inquiries above, while personal, are designed to determine the level of care needed by you or a loved one. They are associated with respite care, memory care, and assisted living. For those that require help with daily functions the majority of the time, it is highly recommended for them to join an assisted living association. However, if they have a condition that is memory-related, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, they will do better in a community dedicated to memory care. Those that require temporary care due to a medical event or surgical recovery should consider respite care.

Discovery Village At Stuart

Once you’ve taken the time to carefully consider and answer every question listed above, you’ll be better positioned to choose a senior living community that is most compatible with your needs. Discovery Village At Stuart is based in South Florida near Treasure Coast and is widely regarded as one of the best areas to live due to its tropical rainforest climate and small but affable population. Upon becoming a member of our community, you’ll have access to around-the-clock care along with a host of amenities including fine dining, entertainment, and exciting activities.

To learn more about living in Discovery Village At Stuart, feel free to contact us today!