Our team at Discovery Village At Stuart realizes that a successful referral program does not come from coincidence or chance, but by managing and promoting a professionally-run community. This makes our community attractive to prospective members while encouraging existing residents to refer others.

About Our Senior Living Referral Program

The effectiveness of our referral system is based on two primary factors. The first of these is the lucrative incentives for those that refer new residents to our community. Furthermore, providing a vibrant and active community where members are tended to by caring members increases their desire to let others know about the wonderful services we provide.

Benefits of Having Senior Living Referral Program in Your Senior Living Community

One of the main advantages of the referral program offered by Discovery Village At Stuart is that it allows our community to grow based on word-of-mouth advertising. While traditional marketing methods are certainly important, word of mouth provides far more credibility, since most retirees will trust their friends, family, and colleagues more than an advertisement on a billboard, website, or magazine.

A secondary benefit is that people who join our community based on testimonials from existing members will have an easier time getting settled in since they already know someone who lives here. Many of the retirees who are considering relocation into a senior living community have spent decades living at the same address. There is understandable stress and anxiety which comes from such a move, especially if they are arriving from another state, but having someone onsite that they personally know and trust makes things a lot easier.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Many retirees who live in the northern U.S. where the weather is cold and snowy during winter choose to come south to Florida where they can enjoy a warm and sunny climate. Discovery Village At Stuart is one of the best places for this since it provides a resort atmosphere and is located in close proximity to Treasure Coast. Those that are considering relocating here full time can come down temporarily during winter to try out our accommodations for themselves before fully committing. We also cater to elders who are mobility challenged due to surgery, illness, or injury and want to convalesce in a relaxing atmosphere.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Stuart?

Retirement is meant to be a time of joy, relaxation, and leisure. Yet all too often elders are placed in standard retirement homes. Our community is very much the opposite. It is designed to provide an exciting and enriching environment where members are given substantial autonomy to live their lives to the fullest. We also employ caregivers and therapists who work closely with residents to keep them in healthy conditions so that age-related disease can be prevented or their symptoms minimized.

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