Are you worried about getting your health and wellness needs met while aging in place? If you are having trouble accessing the services you need, consider making the move to Discovery Village At Stuart. Our comprehensive range of services includes glucose monitoring and insulin management, which can be particularly invaluable to residents living with or at risk of diabetes.

About Our Glucose Monitoring And Insulin Management

It is important for diabetics to keep a close eye on their blood sugar levels and manage their insulin intake. The type of food you eat, how much physical exercise you engage in, and a range of other lifestyle factors can influence your glucose levels. A blood sugar meter can help you keep on top of your glucose levels, which can help you determine whether any modifications should be made to your medications or lifestyle habits.

Our professional team members are here to ensure that your blood sugar level stays within your target range and adjust your insulin levels accordingly. As such, you can relax knowing that should anything look concerning, our team members will take action immediately and make the necessary changes to your daily regime.

Benefits of Having Glucose Monitoring And Insulin Management in Your Senior Living Community

With the glucose monitoring and insulin management you need to maintain a healthy blood sugar level, you can expect to reap the following benefits:

  • Maintain a good level of health without having to worry about it constantly
  • Receive the timely care and attention you need from medical professionals should anything appear concerning
  • Provide you with confidence that your health is in safe hands, giving your loved ones peace of mind as well
  • … and more!

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Our assisted living and memory care residents at Discovery Village At Stuart can benefit from a wide range of health and wellness services onsite. You may find it hard to receive the care and assistance you need while aging in place or paying for in-home care may be proving to be unsustainable. When that’s the case, making the move to a senior living community can be in your best interests. Some services we provide include medication management, personal care assistance, and continence management, just to name a few.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Stuart?

It’s not for no reason that Discovery Village At Stuart is such a popular choice with the elderly in the area and beyond. Besides the customized care we extend to each resident, you will find that life on campus can be lived according to your preferences. Regardless of your hobbies and interests, you will find an activity to suit you in our daily calendar of events, and in your downtime, you can socialize with friends and neighbors. Your wellbeing is our priority, and you can expect our community to feel like home in no time at all!

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