Upon becoming a member of Discovery Village At Stuart, you’ll be treated to catered dining that includes linen tablecloths, silver utensils, mouthwatering meals, and courteous waiters who will serve you. The dining experience we provide is vastly superior to the typical food that is served in the majority of retirement homes.

About Our Senior Living Catered Dining

Each dish we serve will be prepared by executive chefs that only use the freshest ingredients. Our menu is capacious and consists of seasonal, local and international cuisine. Our restaurant is situated on site which means you will enjoy a five-star dining experience without ever having to leave the community grounds unless you choose to.

Benefits of Having Senior Living Catered Dining in Your Senior Living Community

When dining in Discovery Village At Stuart, you’ll be able to select your own dining schedule. Unlike conventional retirement homes and cafeterias, which only serve food at limited times, our restaurant is available for 12 hours a day and you can also enjoy snacks after hours if you wish. You can dine alone or with a group, and those that prefer to eat within the confines of their private dwellings can have the food delivered to them.

Our chefs can accommodate every dietary request including the avoidance of ingredients that are allergic or non-kosher. We can also prepare delicious non-meat meals for those that are vegetarians, as well as low-fat cuisine for retirees who are looking to lose weight. Fine dining implies more than merely cooking meals that taste wonderful; it also includes friendly services and setting the right mood. Our dining area is elegant with ambient illumination and seating which is pleasant.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Preparing a true gourmet meal takes years of training and experience, which many people lack. Even if you are an accomplished cook, preparing food in this manner can become tedious and difficult as you age. Many retirees lack the time, desire, and inclination to do their own shopping, let alone combine the ingredients to cook a great meal, and after becoming a member of our community you’ll no longer have to. This is because you’ll have access to professional chefs who will serve gourmet meals every day of the week, including weekends!

Why Choose Discovery Village At Stuart?

We are situated in Southern Florida near Treasure Coast, and the area is prized for its seafood, which you can enjoy after becoming a member. Aside from the lobster, shrimp, crab, fish, and oysters that our chefs can prepare, we also offer traditional Southern American cuisine along with dishes that are influenced by the nearby Caribbean and Latin America. Whether you like your food spicy or mild, you’ll find that the meals we serve here in our community are breathtaking both visually and in terms of flavor.

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