Each memory care resident at Discovery Village At Stuart will work on a handcrafted My Story book that charts their journey throughout their stay with as well as way before that. When they first make the move to our community, our professional team members will work with each resident to complete this personalized book together, leaving behind a legacy for children and grandchildren to cherish.

About Our Handcrafted My Story Book

Every older adult has led a richer life than we can imagine. Sure, parents and grandparents can pass down their family history through oral tradition, but without a written record, this can easily get lost or forgotten through the generations. With a handcrafted My Story Book, our memory care residents can take a trip down memory lane, working on one particular skill that their affliction has taken from them.

In this book, our residents can chart down significant life events that took place when they were younger, before their children and grandchildren were around. Family members also have the chance to contribute to this book with a poem, quote, or anything they would like to add. We believe that this handcrafted book is a good way for residents to bond with their family members and leave behind a treasured keepsake for many generations to come.

Benefits of Having a Handcrafted My Story Book in Your Senior Living Community

With a handcrafted My Story Book, our residents and their loved ones can benefit in the following ways:

  • Leave behind a legacy that their heirs can treasure for generations ahead
  • Form deeper connections between family members through exploring cultural heritage, family history, and significant events that took place
  • Keep residents’ minds sharp when they recount past events they wish to record in their book
  • Allow family members and caregivers to learn more about the resident’s life, forming a closer bond as a result
  • … and more!

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

When your elderly loved one first gets a diagnosis of dementia, you may be at a loss as to your options. However, you will find that there are many excellent memory care communities out there that go the extra mile, amongst them Discovery Village At Stuart. Not only do we take care of your loved one’s basic needs here, but we also go above and beyond in promoting engagement and building up the skills that your loved one has lost due to their condition!

Why Choose Discovery Village At Stuart?

Did you know that our memory care program at Discovery Village At Stuart is award-winning, having been nationally recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association? Family members can rest assured that a regular stream of communication will be maintained with them throughout their loved one’s stay with us through the form of photos and videos. And anytime you come by to visit, family engagement will be encouraged and you can even join in on activities with your loved one!

To learn more about living in Discovery Village At Stuart, feel free to contact us today!