One thing individuals living with memory-related conditions can benefit from is a safe and secure neighborhood with minimal restrictions in which they can thrive. Discovery Village At Stuart is able to provide just that for our memory care residents, allowing them to live a life without the limitations they would face while aging in place.

About Our Safe and Secure Neighborhoods

Our memory care neighborhoods at Discovery Village At Stuart have been designed with one main purpose in our mind: our residents’ safety and security. This includes having locked entrances and exits to ensure that wandering residents don’t get lost as well as color-coding different areas of campus for easier identification. Color coding allows residents to associate each room or area with a specific emotion, coming with purposes such as alerting them that they should not enter a potentially dangerous zone or eliciting a calm mood for relaxation.

In addition, a 24/7 security presence onsite gives residents and their loved ones peace of mind that no unauthorized persons will be allowed on site. Visitors and contractors will be required to verify their identity before being allowed on campus, and this works to keep all our residents safe.

Benefits of Having Safe and Secure Neighborhoods in Your Senior Living Community

With a safe and secure memory care neighborhood, our residents can thrive in these ways:

  • Allow residents greater freedom to wander under supervision without worrying that they will get lost
  • Minimize the risk of injuries and accidents through color-coding, where residents can more easily tell the purpose of each room or area
  • Give family members peace of mind that their loved ones can be kept safe in their senior living community with a security presence
  • … and more!

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Providing care for your elderly loved one with a memory-related condition can be challenging, especially when you take into consideration factors beneath your control. This includes the design and layout of the neighborhood you live in, and you may have to restrict your loved one’s movements out of fear for their safety.

When they make the move to Discovery Village At Stuart, your loved one can enjoy a greater degree of freedom and independence within our safe neighborhood. Although a trained team member will always be close by for supervision, your loved one will enjoy a freer reign to roam within our memory care community.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Stuart?

When you are looking for a reliable memory care provider, come to Discovery Village At Stuart. We take a holistic, person-centered approach to care, which is why we customize a care plan for each resident once they join our community. From there, we utilize scientific-backed principles to promote engagement, build meaningful bonds, foster self-esteem, and celebrate the successes of our memory care residents. The result is a much-improved quality of life where they can thrive!

To learn more about living in Discovery Village At Stuart, feel free to contact us today!