Many older adults and their family members make the mistake of discounting senior living offhand due to the “high” monthly cost involved. However, when you take some time to sit down and go through the calculations, you will find that aging in place costs just as much, if not more! After accounting for the value of services offered by a senior living community, you can see for yourself how much your loved ones’ quality of life can be improved.


It may come as no surprise that housing is the biggest expense older adults have to manage monthly, whether you are renting or paying off your mortgage. Even if your loved ones’ mortgage has been paid off, they will still need to account for property taxes, homeowners’ insurance, utilities and the cost of maintaining the property. With that said, it’s no wonder that many older adults crave the financial ease of transitioning to senior living, where one monthly payment includes everything they could possibly need.


Transportation is another large aspect to consider, regardless of whether your loved one drives. From making monthly payments on a car to auto insurance and the cost of gas, this can quickly start to add up. Conversely, if your loved one no longer drives, this means that they are largely dependent on others to chauffeur them around or have to rely on public transport, both of which may not be ideal solutions. At Discovery Village At Stuart, our Connections transportation service is included in the monthly rent and allows residents to get out and about conveniently.

Food and Dining

Food is one area you may not want to skimp and save on when taking your elderly loved one’s nutritional needs into account. Needless to say, eating out often can get expensive, and the cost of groceries has been on the rise as well. Besides this cost, there’s meal planning and preparation to consider, and you may need to hire help with this. In a senior living community with a catered dining program, your loved ones need not worry about either. Three nutritionally balanced meals a day are provided by our professional in-house culinary team and included in the rent.

General Quality of Life

Are your c experiencing social isolation? This can significantly affect the quality of life, causing their health to suffer in all aspects, from physical to mental and emotional. When your loved ones make the move to Discovery Village At Stuart, they will no longer have to count the cost of each activity, club, or event they wish to join. With a full selection available for our residents to take part in at no additional cost, their quality of life will improve drastically!

Why Choose Discovery Village At Stuart?

Discovery Village At Stuart offers a safe and welcoming living environment for senior assisted living and memory care residents in Stuart, FL and the surrounding regions. Come and experience the full value of living with us now!

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