Health and wellness visits are a valuable part of keeping an active senior living well. Our programs are dedicated to helping aging family members live healthy and fulfilling lives through physical, occupational, and speech therapy, education, nutrition, and social services. For residents who cannot participate in our physical activities due to mobility concerns or other conditions, we have an on-site physical therapist who can come out during scheduled times throughout each week. Our nurses also perform quarterly wellness screenings for all adult residents.

About Our Health and Wellness Programs

Golden-age adults looking to keep their mind and body active will find exactly what they need in our on-site fitness center, private yoga studio, community gardens, and more. At Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay, our team of wellness professionals offer ongoing health and wellness programs throughout each month. From early morning yoga classes to dance classes to art workshops, there is always something for everyone! Our expert staff members are trained in specialized fields, including culinary arts, personal training, massage therapy, and holistic medicine.

Benefits of Having Health and Wellness Programs in Your Retirement Community

Health and wellness programs are an essential part of maintaining good health among older adults. Studies have found that strong social connections are just as important as staying fit when it comes to successful aging. When you pair socialization with physical activity, you create a rich environment that gives your loved ones plenty of outlets to engage in exercise—and reap its benefits. Having health and wellness programs available in senior living communities like Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay provides plenty of opportunities for activities, both mental and physical. It’s also a chance to develop stronger bonds among residents, making life in assisted living communities even more fulfilling.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

All individuals will one day reach a point in their lives when they need extra assistance with everyday tasks. For some, that might be when it comes to daily personal care needs such as bathing and dressing; for others, it might come when someone needs help managing finances and paying bills on time. Whatever your definition of extra help is, you can plan and identify your criteria regarding when you should consider moving into a senior living community. The more questions you ask yourself about your preferences and comfort levels with different types of living situations at Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay, along with considering what kind of support services would work best for you, can help lead to an informed decision before needing to make any drastic changes.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay’s Retirement Community?

Isolation is one of the major concerns with aging in place. We all know that human beings are social creatures and need interaction to thrive. As adults age, it becomes more difficult to get out of their homes and into social settings, making isolation more likely. When nursing home care is needed, aging family members are often placed in these facilities far from their hometowns, increasing their sense of loneliness. The health benefits of human interaction are immense—so take advantage while you can! The Health and Wellness programs at Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay provides visits by experts who share simple exercises or engage in lively conversation while keeping them active mentally and physically by visiting every time until they no longer have use for additional support.

To learn more about our exclusive senior living programs at Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay, contact us at 941.216.1531 or schedule a tour to visit our beautiful grounds today!