With the rising popularity of retirement communities due to the amenities available and the convenient, simple living such communities provide, many are on the lookout for retirement communities for themselves and their loved ones. If you are based in West Samoset and considering moving to a retirement community, you should definitely check out Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay. We strive to make living here easy, convenient, and enjoyable and do our best to ensure that our residents are all having a good time.

Enjoyable Dining Experiences for Seniors in West Samoset

Mealtimes are easily one of the most exciting times of the day. When it comes to food, our in-house cooks and chefs use top quality and fresh ingredients to make delicious meals that are healthy and nutritious. We also provide a wide variety of meal options and cater to the different dietary preferences of the individuals living in our community. Some of our senior living programs also come with Sensations Dining, which aims to provide a highbrow dining experience and premium service.

Convenient Senior Living Housekeeping Services in West Samoset

Tired of housekeeping in your own home? You will be delighted to know that our retirement community has a housekeeping service, which means that you do not need to worry about doing chores and cleaning up. Our housekeeping team maintains top cleanliness standards to allow our residents to rest comfortably in the community. Without having to worry about housekeeping, residents can spend more time doing what they love instead.

Senior Living Concierge Services in West Samoset

With our concierge services, residents do not have to worry about small things like booking their own transportation, reserving a table for a famous restaurant, and more. We help to settle many of these things, including arranging for a flower delivery if you require. Our concierge service is designed to help reduce anxiety and stress in our residents, and we make it easier for people to keep in contact with their loved ones.

Retirement Community Transportation Assistance in West Samoset

Many of our residents are worried about transportation. Here at Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay, we help to book drivers to wherever you may need to go. If you are planning to make trips to nearby locations to attend religious services, dine or shop, you can also look through the schedule to make plans. We ensure that our residents reach their appointments safely and on time. This means that residents no longer have to worry about parking, driving, or taking public transport.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay’s Retirement Community?

Here at Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay, we work round the clock every day to ensure that our residents have the best living conditions. We prioritize our residents and do our best to ensure that they assimilate well into the community and have an enjoyable stay with us. We also offer a wide range of exciting events and activities for residents to take part in, leading social and exciting lives within our community.

To learn more about senior living in West Samoset, feel free to contact us today.