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Needing some extra assistance should never stop you from doing the things you enjoy most. If daily tasks have started to make you feel nervous or stressed, the assisted living program at Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay will be a welcome respite. We are happy to schedule your appointments and manage your medications. Enjoy gourmet dining in our Sensations Dining Room and scheduled shopping or social events from our activities calendar. The world feels much more manageable when you have the help you need. Need help going on walks or taking showers? Our senior assisted living team will be there to provide the services you need with the respect and kindness you deserve. We guarantee it.

Our capable, nurturing team members are available for you every step of the way in assisted living. We understand that people sometimes need help outside of business hours, so our professional health and wellness team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We take pride in fostering an environment that families enjoy visiting, unlike some other senior assisted living communities. The atmosphere of our assisted living option is more pleasant and elegant – it outshines other Florida care centers. The amenities in our assisted living program are designed by senior-care professionals to help you live a happier, easier, and more active life. In senior assisted living, we also have the best amenities. And our community is equipped with many convenient features.

Here are some amenities you’ll find in our senior assisted living community.

Assisted Living Makes Life Easy

With our residential senior living options, we ensure that family members in our senior assisted living community are given the care they need. You’re probably tired of doing the cooking and cleaning, or you might be a cautious person who needs extra precautions to avoid a fall.

Staying injury-free helps people stay healthier longer. Whatever you need, the assisted living community at Discovery Village is happy to accommodate you. We understand that choosing the right place for you or a loved one isn’t easy. There are many senior assisted living communities to choose from, but our residents and families agree that Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay soars above the competition. Our programs and amenities are welcoming, purposefully designed, and elegantly administered. Our team members genuinely care about our residents, and they go out of their way to keep you happy and comfortable.

In the morning, needing assistance dressing up shouldn’t stop you from participating in social events on our activities calendar; the retirement community at Sarasota Bay will get you where you need to go and help you once you get there. There is no need to stress about getting ready for holidays or family events; our team can help you look your best. When your family arrives to pick you up, we’ll have you ready to jump in the car. At Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay, we take pride in building our assisted living program to offer access to the experiences you enjoy most. Our team takes care of the tedious, time-consuming tasks that make life stressful.

Contact Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay

We understand that choosing an assisted living community or retirement community is an important one, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have. To Find out more about our exemplary assisted living options for family members, contact Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay at 941.257.0929 .