Who says that you have to slow down with age? At Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay, we offer a wide-range of activities and events that will make sure that every day is exciting and full of fun for the residents of our senior care community.

About Celebrations Activities and Events at Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay

With a full-time activities director, there will always be a variety of activities and events arranged all year round. Take part in exercises classes to improve physical health or hang out with your friends or meet new people. Interact with your neighbors! Whether it’s a party, game night or a seminar, there’ll be an activity that you can enjoy. We even offer day trips, poker nights or potluck dinners so you’ll never be bored.

Benefits of Having Activities and Events in Your Retirement Community

While it is true that seniors may feel their fitness and energy levels dipping, there are many ways to counteract this and maintain a youthful spirit. Growing older does not mean that you have to give up on the things you enjoy and it certainly does not mean that you cannot try new activities.

Inactivity in seniors may affect their health by contributing to health issues and even depression. The more active your loved ones are, they healthier they will be. Engaging in daily activities with others can improve your mood, allow you to build meaningful relationships with the people around you, help you to remain physically active, improve brain cognition and even boost your energy levels.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Making the decision to move to a senior living community is a major change but it doesn’t have to be scary. Having the right information, understanding what daily life is like in such a community, and knowing what facilities and amenities are available can make this decision a lot easier and less stressful.

A decline in your health may also be a factor to consider when deciding if you should move into a senior living community. With well-trained and friendly staff to help you if you need it, it’s one less thing to worry about and allows you to live a life where you don’t have to be scared. Added security that you get in the community is also a plus. In cases of emergencies, there will always be someone around.

While you may imagine that senior living communities are full of frail elderly people, the reality is that many residents are actively taking part in a lot of fun events or activities that they might not be able to outside of the community.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay’s Retirement Community?

We believe that the residents of our community deserve the absolute best. Enjoy quality amenities and restaurant-style meals at Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay. Our array of activities and events for seniors will help to keep our residents engaged, healthy and happy

To learn more about our exclusive senior living programs at Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay, contact us at 941.216.1531 or schedule a tour to visit our beautiful grounds today!