As residents at Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay go about their day and daily activities, they look forward to telling stories and sharing experiences about their long and colorful life. Creating handcrafted story books has been an exciting process for both our staff and residents. As our staff work with the residents by listening to their sharing and getting to know them better, precious relationships are being forged. At Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay, our goal is always centered on creating meaningful experiences that will be cherished by everyone.

About Our Handcrafted My Story Book Program

Our dedicated staff will work with our residents to write about themselves and their life. They will also take a series of photos which depict stories about what they have been doing recently, and collate them into a book. The purpose of these books is to give individuals something that they can look back on when they’re older. It allows them to go through each page and recall their memories from that period in their life. This is an interactive way to capture memories for our residents and their loved ones!

As a resident of Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay, you will have a dedicated staff who will work with you to design your Story Book. Our purpose is to help you document your life story, whether it’s a personal family story or part of your company history, in a way that allows you to share stories with friends and family members while also having them archived safely on paper and digitally.

During the creation of your Story Book, staff will get your family members to be a part of this project. At Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay, we understand that involving family members in a senior loved one’s life can have many benefits, from decreased feelings of isolation to empowering them with a sense of purpose. As such, one of the aims of our handcrafted My Story Book program is to provide a meaningful platform for our residents to come together with their family members.

Benefits of Having a Handcrafted My Story Book Program in Your Retirement Community

Creating a handcrafted book that allows people to share their stories and express themselves is a great way to bring residents together and honor each person’s legacy. Putting stories into words, photos, and artwork creates an authentic space to share memories with current and future generations.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Sarasota Bay’s Retirement Community?

Every resident is an individual with a unique story, and we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our services to suit every client’s needs. With years of experience, we understand how important it is to our clients to have their own My Storybook tailored just for them. We have customized stories from start to finish based on our residents’ sharing and their feedback.

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