At Discovery Village At Westchase, residents stand to enjoy a resort-like lifestyle that enables them to perform the activities that they have always loved. We offer modern and stylish accommodation options that come equipped with state-of-the-art fixtures. Inquire with our friendly senior living counselors regarding our distinct senior living programs and wide array of world-class amenities right here within our campus.

About Our Senior Living Medication Management Service

As an older adult experiencing various medical conditions, it is important to ensure you take your medication according to schedule. With medication management service offered by Discovery Village At Westchase, residents can look forward to maintaining good health by not missing out on any medicines. Our staff is made up of qualified nurses who have extensive industry expertise to manage medication and assess health progress for each resident. We will also provide 24/7 specialized care that caters to every personal and medical need of our residents.

Benefits of Having Medication Management Service in Your Senior Living Community

Medication management service is one of the most basic necessities that older adults with medical conditions need. Our staff at Discovery Village At Westchase will dispense medication to each resident on a timely basis and in an accurate manner so as to prevent any error that may cause detrimental effects on the health of our patients. We also communicate important medical information to the families of our residents as well as their doctors to convey any data of health progress or concerns that need to be addressed effectively. We perform these essential steps by closely monitoring the health status of each resident to identify any signs of deterioration as well as improvement.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

As we age, it is expected for our health to deteriorate to a certain degree. Requiring medication for various ailments is common amongst aging adults who need to take medication daily. With proper medication management, this group of older adults can rest assured that their health can be well-maintained through timely consumption of the different medicines. If you or a loved one require assistance with any form of medical needs, moving into a senior assisted living community like Discovery Village At Westchase can offer you with premium specialized care.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Westchase for Senior Living?

Retiring at Discovery Village offers residents an opportunity to lead a much more enriching lifestyle. Our lineup of daily activities and events is extensive to ensure there is always something fun and engaging for everyone. You will be assisted by qualified professionals with years of industry expertise who will strive to keep all your personal and medical needs well taken care of. Our service personnel is equally experienced to take care of all the tedious day-to-day tasks that may be too overwhelming for you to handle on a daily basis. Here, you get to focus on improving your overall well-being so as to lead a much healthier, happier retirement.

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