Caring for a loved one with dementia can be challenging at the best of times, especially if you have other commitments and/or are untrained in dementia care. When exploring long-term care options for your loved one, you will want to choose an award-winning senior living community that provides memory care such as Discovery Village At Westchase. Here, you can be assured that your loved one will receive the highest level of dementia care we have to offer.

About Our Senior Living Dementia Care

Dementia care refers to the specialized care and attention given to dementia patients, whether their condition is caused by Alzheimer’s disease or any other condition. This includes support with daily living tasks and cognitive stimulation activities, provided by a team of trained caregivers, therapists, nurses, and physicians. The aim of dementia care is to provide targeted assistance for specific behaviors each resident has trouble with, such as wandering or Sundowners’ syndrome. Dementia care can improve comprehension, engagement, and quality of life in residents.

Benefits of Having Dementia Care in Your Senior Living Community

Our memory care residents can benefit from having dementia care in our senior living community in numerous ways:

  • Make each day meaningful as they are able to engage in daily living tasks and interact with peers and/or team members
  • Improve their quality of life when the most suitable level of care is provided for them
  • Ensure that each resident has a personalized care plan designed for their needs and abilities
  • Keep challenging behaviors under control, allowing residents to live a healthy and happy life
  • Give family and friends peace of mind that their loved one is in capable and trustworthy hands
  • … and more!

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Whether paying for in-home care is proving to be too much or you are exploring long-term care options in advance, moving to a senior living community that offers memory care can be the best choice you make for a loved one with dementia. You may be unable to provide the quality of care they require from home, especially if your hands are tied with work and you don’t have the necessary education and training. In a memory care program, your loved one will benefit from one-on-one attention from trained professionals and a lifestyle that can maximize their health and happiness.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Westchase for Senior Living?

At Discovery Village At Westchase, our award-winning memory care program touches on various important aspects of life. Designed to preserve and rebuild the skills that dementia has taken away from our residents, we employ the latest industry practices in senior care as well as scientific-based principles to care for your loved one. You will never have to worry that your loved one is lonely or not receiving the care that they require. With plenty of socialization opportunities and cognitive stimulation activities to keep your loved ones occupied, you can be assured that improving their lifestyle quality is a priority for us.

To learn more about living in Discovery Village At Westchase, feel free to contact us today.