Are you wondering if a senior living community is the best choice for your loved one? Or maybe you are considering moving to one yourself. Take this Lifestyle Quiz to find out which type of senior community living is the most suitable choice for you or your loved one.

If you are looking for a senior living community to live in, you can take this quiz on your own. If it is for your loved one, it is best for them to be present while you take this quiz

Q: Can your loved one do shopping on their own? Do they need assistance from a family member? Or is someone else handling it for them?

Q: Can your loved one drive? Does a family member or someone else drive them sometimes? Or have they stopped driving altogether?

Q: How are the household chores (e.g., cleaning, laundry, vacuuming) being done? Can your loved one manage all household chores? Does a family member help with the chores? Or are the chores completely done by someone else? And if they are handling these tasks on their own, is it satisfactory?

Q: Regarding cooking and meal preparation, can your loved one do all of their own cooking? Do they need assistance or prepackaged meals? Or do they not cook their own meals at all? Consider if they appear hungry or malnourished or if they are losing weight if they are preparing their own meals. If so, they may not be having adequate nutrition.

Q: How well does your loved one maintain their personal hygiene? Can they bathe, dress, and groom themselves? Is a family member or someone else currently helping them? Or are they completely incapable of doing these activities?

Q: It’s important to take medications as instructed by doctors. Can your loved one take meds on their own? Does a family member help them with taking medication? Or is someone else there to make sure that they take their meds?

Q: If your loved one uses a wheelchair, can they transfer themselves? Can they transfer to the wheelchair with help from a family member? Or do they depend on other people entirely to transfer to a wheelchair?

Q: How is your loved one’s memory? Do they forget very little? Have they been forgetting more than usual recently? Or do you notice a serious deficit in your loved one’s memory?

Q: Can your loved one recognize every family member or friend? Are they occasionally unable to recognize someone? Or have they totally stopped recognizing the people around them?

How Answers Relate to Care Levels

The answers to the above questions will point you to one of three levels of care. Our senior living community options include independent living, senior assisted living, and memory care. If your loved one is relatively independent and only requires some assistance, they should stay in an independent living community. If they require a good amount of assistance, assisted living would be the best fit. If your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other memory-related condition, the memory care program will be ideal for them.

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