As your loved ones are advancing in age, it may be difficult to balance out their desire for independence and their need for care. As your loved ones may have different healthcare needs, medical management will be necessary, especially in an assisted living environment.

About Our Medication Management

At Discovery Village At Dominion, we provide services on medical management to ensure your loved ones can meet their ever-changing medical needs in a conducive and safe environment with our professional staff.

Benefits of Having Medication Management in Your Retirement Community

Medical management is one of the most beneficial services that an assisted living community can offer. This is especially important for your loved ones if they are undergoing cognitive issues, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and so on. This is because if your loved ones are undergoing these cognitive issues, the tendency for them to experience an overdose of medication because they forgot they’ve consumed the medicine is very high. If your loved ones are with existing health conditions, they can consume 12 – 14 types of medicine on average per day. The risk of overdose is high for them.  This can have detrimental healthcare issues and hence, medical management is especially important.

Medication management is also important as your loved ones may have been prescribed medication from multiple pharmacies and clinics. This may lead to a risk of medication duplication and redundancies. Medical management mitigates that problem by ensuring your loved ones do not consume the same medication unnecessarily. Without proper coordination of medication intake, your loved ones are exposed to potential overdose or medication mismatch. This is especially crucial as certain medications should not be consumed together due to their potential side effects. Through proper medication management, your loved ones can consume medication with peace of mind knowing that they are consuming the right combination of medication.

As some medications may have different side effects, this may influence your loved ones’ quality of living. For example, they may consume medication that causes them to be drowsy. This may lead to a higher chance of them falling and injuring themselves. Medical management benefits your loved ones by ensuring that they can cope with the medication’s side effects and control their intake to prevent unnecessary side effects.

Medication management also mitigates the risk of painkiller abuse, which is rather prevalent now. It is shown that nearly one-fifth of people aged 65 and above who are suffering from perpetual pain are over-reliant on opioids, leading to drug addiction. This is highly common as clinicians may have prescribed too much medication to help people deal with chronic pain. Medical management ensures your loved ones are safe from such abuses and to identify them should it happen. This is done through prescription drug monitoring programs.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

It can be intimidating for you to manage the medication of your loved ones all by yourself. The different terminologies and jargons make it difficult to assess which medication is necessary for your loved ones and your loved ones may require the help of professional staff. This ensures your loved ones are consuming the appropriate medication at the right dose so that they can enjoy their assisted living days with peace of mind.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Dominion’s Retirement Community?

At Discovery Village At Dominion, you can be assured our stylish accommodations will provide the most restful environment. We value innovative ways to enhance and boost the retirement experience of your loved ones to live a fruitful life ahead. Your loved ones can also enjoy a friendly community, here at Discovery Village At Dominion. For people who may require assisted living options, we ensure our professional staff, such as our nurses, are always available. We also provide medication management as part of our services for your loved ones.

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