Personal hygiene as well as cleanliness of the surroundings you live in are extremely important to the quality of life and can even affect your health. If you notice that it has been increasingly difficult for your loved one(s) to keep the house clean, then it might be time to start considering other options that will have others do the cleaning for you.

While you might consider help from machines like automated robotic cleaners or scheduled help from external cleaning agencies, both of them would not be able to help you clean up a mess immediately. Living in a senior living community like Discovery Village At Dominion means that you get to enjoy weekly housekeeping services, but can also reach out for help and assistance whenever needed.

About Our Cleaning Service

Our professional housekeeping and maintenance teams know the importance of hygiene and have high standards of cleanliness. Have you or your loved one found it difficult to clean certain hard-to-reach spots in the house? Our team will take care of that. Here at Discover Village At Dominion, we will take the burden of housekeeping off of your shoulders so that you can focus on enjoying the activities that you want to do.

Benefits of Having Cleaning Service in Your Retirement Community

Having a specific team that upholds cleanliness means that the community will always be kept neat and sparkly clean. Feel free to invite friends and family over anytime and they will be impressed by the cleanliness and appearance of our community.

A study conducted by Indiana University found that a home’s cleanliness was closely related to levels of residents’ physical activity and a clean home promotes good cardiovascular health. Certainly, having a neat and tidy home will help you to focus better and live life to the fullest, whereas a dirty environment is more likely to leave you feeling groggy and disoriented.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Other than being able to keep their surroundings clean, your loved ones need to be able to perform daily activities such as cooking safely. Otherwise, it could pose a danger to them and that is when you should start considering a move for them into a senior living community.

If your loved one stays by himself or herself, it would also be beneficial to stay in a senior living community like Discovery Village At Dominion, where medical care is always available 24/7. This way, you can rest assured knowing that timely medical care will be there for your loved one should the need arise.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Dominion’s Retirement Community?

At Discovery Village At Dominion, we not only have a top-notch housekeeping and maintenance team, but also multiple other services all in a resort-like community with top-notch amenities. Restaurant dining, exciting events, transportation services, and concierge services are just some of the features we offer to facilitate a lifestyle of convenience for our residents.

To learn more about living in Discovery Village At Dominion, contact us or call us at 210.436.1669 today.