Physical therapy is essential for seniors as it helps to strengthen their muscles and improve their mobility. Physical therapy is also effective in enhancing their level of endurance to enable them to participate in physical activities that keep them fit and active. At Discovery Village At Dominion, we have an array of amenities lined up for our residents to enjoy including on-site physical therapy sessions. These conveniences are available for easy access on a daily basis so residents can maintain their overall body and mental well-being.

About Our Physical Therapy

Almost every type of physical therapy involves exercise. Whether it is stretching or weightlifting, physical therapy is necessary to reduce stress on the joints and to improve body strength. The daily physical therapy regimen that our residents at Discovery Village At Dominion will be designed specifically to their conditions. We will consider their illness, limitations, and injury. Exercises can be done with or without assistance, based on the needs of every resident.

Benefits of Having Physical Therapy in Your Retirement Community

At Discovery Village At Dominion, we understand that the aging process brings changes to a senior’s physical conditions. They may experience a decrease in muscle strength and flexibility which can restrict their ability to walk, move, and lift things. With physical therapy services offered right here within our campus, these naturally-occurring conditions can be treated. Physical therapy can help residents manage their pain, improve their balance, and improve their muscle strength and endurance. All these will help them remain active to promote social engagement through independence and better health.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

A senior living community is a place of safety and comfort. If you or a loved one are exposed to various forms of risks when alone at home, considering moving into a senior living community pretty much becomes a necessity. For seniors who are prone to falls due to mobility and health issues, our 24-hour nursing care and personal support will ensure they can live in a safe environment. Our certified nurses also offer medical services such as medication management, insulin administration, emergency response, and more to enable our residents to keep up with their daily care plans. For those who require assistance with daily tasks like personal grooming, bathing, continence, and more, our experienced team will tend to their needs with careful expertise.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Dominion’s Retirement Community?

Discovery Village At Dominion offers an all-inclusive senior living experience that caters to independent seniors as well as individuals who require daily assistance. Our senior living team is fully equipped with the expertise and skills to deliver the finest services to our residents. For the senior assisted living program, our services are rendered by certified medical specialists who have had experience working with seniors with different medical conditions. Living in our world-class senior living community will provide our residents the opportunity to lead a much more enriching lifestyle for them to achieve a deep sense of self-fulfillment.

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