Getting around can be increasingly difficult especially when adults age. They start to face issues like reduced vision, mobility problems, and difficulty maintaining their own vehicle. This can get in the way of an older adult attending community activities or appointments like doctor visits and more. This is why Discovery Village At Dominion offers scheduled transportation as an amenity to all our residents staying in our independent living community. When reliable transportation is available, it gives our residents access to go wherever they need to, and helps them to feel safe and independent.

About Our Scheduled Transportation

Discovery Village At Dominion understands that transport remains one of the biggest concerns for our residents living with us. We offer complimentary scheduled transportation to bring residents to places they need to be. This includes medical appointments at hospitals, outings, sports games, community and cultural special events, and more. This allows our residents to travel without worry.

Benefits of Having Scheduled Transportation in Your Retirement Community

Having scheduled transportation in the senior living community can make everyday life a lot more convenient and reduce uncertainty for the residents. When they know that there is a reliable ride to the dentist, the doctor, or other essential services, it can help to put their minds at ease. Furthermore, it can help to keep residents safe when the community provides dependable transportation. It allows residents to get to places quickly and safely, which means that they do not need to worry about confusing schedules, inconvenient transit stops, and more.

Ultimately, having scheduled transportation can give residents a sense of independence. Your loved ones that were previously able to drive or walk anywhere may feel frustrated when they are gradually unable to do so. With scheduled transportation offered in the senior living community, our residents are able to schedule trips to different places, which gives them a sense of independence. This helps to keep them happier overall.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

If you find yourself having increasing difficulty walking or driving to the places and appointments you need to be at, then perhaps it is time to consider moving into a senior living community. With scheduled transportation that senior living communities offer, you will not need to worry about missing appointments or other trips due to inconvenient transportation. This helps to make life a lot easier and convenient.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Dominion’s Retirement Community?

At Discovery Village At Dominion, we prioritize all our residents and are constantly doing our best to ensure that their needs are accommodated. We also try to ensure our residents are healthy and happy during their stay with us. We offer a wide range of resort-style amenities and organize frequent activities and events for our residents to take part in. Our team of professionals is also highly trained and is familiar with how to take care of residents. When you move to our senior living community, we will help you make a seamless transition here.

To learn more about living in Discovery Village At Dominion, contact us or call us at 210.436.1669 today.