Upon reaching a certain stage of our lives, we start evaluating our living situations more seriously. Older adults may wish to be better supported in various aspects of their lives – physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically, as they enter their golden years. If you’re tired of putting your passions on hold and want to live to your fullest, you’ve come to the right place.

About Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Senior Living Community

Wake up invigorated each morning with a guaranteed wealth of activities, amenities, and support right at your doorstep. Discovery Village At Dominion was created to address the needs of today’s retired seniors, regardless of whether you choose our Senior Active Independent Living, Senior Assisted Living, or SHINE® Memory Care program. After decades of hard work caring for your own families, it’s time to let us care for you. Our professionally-trained team is dedicated to maintaining both your health and wellness so you can continue to live an enriched and meaningful life. We’re confident we’ll satisfy all your needs.

Benefits of Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Designed to elevate the overall resident experience, our senior living program at Discovery Village At Dominion is the new standard. To ensure residents across all our value-adding programs feel secure, supported, accepted, and included by other community residents, our dedicated team do their utmost to foster a strong sense of belonging and community. With the benefits provided to encourage all residents to live to the fullest, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. In fact, if you’re not 100% satisfied within the first 90 days during your stay with us for any reason, let us know. Your community fee will be refunded and the terms of the lease won’t apply to you in this case.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Not long ago, growing older was something most people dreaded. Today, that has changed. Individuals are increasingly dreaming about the day they can leave their worries behind and retire. Here are a few signs you may want to consider senior living:

  • You want your social life back – As we age, loneliness can start to set in and especially so after the loss of a loved one or health issues. The sense of community offered by senior living communities may significantly benefit your emotional health.
  • You’re constantly thinking about the future – What happens when you can no longer drive, cook your own meals, or clean your home by yourself? If these are familiar questions, our convenient services amenities may be just what you need.
  • You are budget-conscious – The costs of remaining in one’s own home after retirement may be stressful. With senior living communities, you’re getting more than just a home.

Why Choose Discovery Village At Dominion?

At Discovery Village At Dominion, we offer you three levels of care to choose from to suit your personal needs. Our living options include independent senior living, senior assisted living, and memory careWith an exciting array of activities and celebrations available, you can live the healthy and active life that you have always wanted. Come join us!

To learn more about living in Discovery Village At Dominion, contact us today or schedule a tour to see what we have to offer.